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Benefits of Preventing Disease with Mineral Drops from Vitablitz


In maintaining our health, preventing disease is a very important step. One effective way is to strengthen the immune system and ensure the body has adequate mineral intake . To help you maintain health and prevent disease, Vitablitz presents Trace Mineral Drop, a natural solution that is rich in benefits for body health.

Get to know Mineral Drop from Vitablitz

Trace Mineral Drop from Vitablitz is a natural mineral supplement made from high quality mineral sources, namely the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States. This product contains 76 types of natural minerals that are important for body health, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, and many more. By consuming Mineral Drops regularly, you can ensure your body gets the mineral intake it needs to maintain health and prevent disease.

Benefits of Preventing Disease with Trace Mineral Drops

1. Strengthening the Immune System 

Trace Mineral Drop helps increase endurance by strengthening the immune system. Its natural and complete mineral content helps increase the immune response and protect the body from disease attacks.

2. Prevent Degenerative Diseases 

Trace Mineral Drop contains minerals that have antioxidant properties, such as zinc and selenium. These antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body, maintain cell health, and prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

3. Improves heart health 

The magnesium content in Trace Mineral Drop plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Magnesium helps maintain a normal heart rhythm, strengthens the heart muscle, and maintains balanced blood pressure.

4. Maintains bone health 

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in Mineral Drop are a combination of minerals that are important for maintaining bone density and preventing osteoporosis. By consuming Mineral Drops, you can strengthen your bones and maintain your bone health throughout your life.

5. Increases Energy and Vitality 

Mineral Drop helps increase the body’s metabolism, improve energy production processes, and optimize the function of body organs. That way, you will feel increased energy and vitality which can support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Consuming Mineral Drops Appropriately


To get maximum benefits from Mineral Drop, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Adult 

Consume 20-40 drops per day by adding 2-5 drops of Trace Mineral Drops to a 200 ml glass of drinking water.

2. Children 

Dosage Trace Mineral Drops according to age, namely 1 drop per day for children aged 0-1 years, 3 drops per day for children aged 2-3 years, and 5 drops per day for children aged 4-5 years.

3. People with high blood pressure, heart disease and the elderly 

Take 1 drop per day for the first week, then add 5 drops to a glass of water and drink 4 times a day after meals.

Trace Mineral Drops can be dropped into various drinks such as juice, tea, coffee, or added to foods such as rice and vegetables to maximize mineral absorption by the body.

In preventing disease and maintaining health, Mineral Drop from Vitablitz is a reliable partner. Get extraordinary benefits by consuming Mineral Drop regularly. To get this product and explore various quality health products from Vitablitz, visit the product catalog on this website or find the product on trusted marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Shopee.

Maintain health and prevent disease with Mineral Drop from Vitablitz, and enjoy a healthy and quality life!



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