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Uncovering the Travel Risks of the Relationship Between Air Pollution and Human Health


Behind the brilliant sunshine and wide blue skies, hides an invisible threat to human health: air pollution. Like a fine mist that creeps in unnoticed, harmful airborne particles can creep into our lungs and damage our health without giving a clear warning.


As frequent flyers of the planet, we can no longer ignore the increasingly strong link between air pollution and human health. Increasingly developing scientific studies with the latest technology have revealed the terrible impact that air pollution has on the human body. The adverse effects of long-term exposure to small particles such as PM2.5 (particles measuring 2.5 micrometers) and toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2) have been linked to various health problems, from respiratory problems to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The level of air pollution in many big cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta and its surroundings, is increasingly worrying.


Facts from the WHO (World Health Organization) note that around 92% of the world’s population breathes poor quality air, as a result around 7 million people in the world die due to outdoor and indoor air pollution. In Indonesia alone, 210 thousand people have died due to air pollution.


In 2022 Indonesia will be reported as the 26th worst country globally

Apart from damaging human health, pollution also has an impact on the environment. For example, acid rain can damage trees and cause the soil and water in it to become acidic, making the water unsuitable for several types of fish and other wildlife, resulting in many animals dying or being exposed to pollution which is then unknowingly consumed by humans.


Air pollution can also accelerate damage to home buildings.

The characteristics of clean air are that it is colorless, odorless, feels fresh and is easy to breathe.

There are many benefits of clean air for the health of the human body. One of them can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and several types of cancer. By breathing fresh air, people will rarely get sick because the body’s immune system remains high (strong).



Exposure to air pollution goes directly into our lungs when we breathe. Inhaling air pollutants can irritate the respiratory tract and cause symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, asthma episodes, and chest pain.


Various kinds of diseases caused by air pollution include: Asthma, respiratory tract infections, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, heart disease, stroke.

In this modern era, when air pollution is often an uninvited guest in our environment, maintaining health seems like a big challenge. However, with a wise attitude and smart actions, we can still maintain our health even in conditions of pollution.

The wise steps we can take are:

  1. Stylistic Pollution Protector: Make a face mask a protective lifestyle accessory. Choose a mask that is comfortable and efficient in filtering dangerous air particles.
  2. Culinary Creativity: consume foods that are high in antioxidants such as colorful fruits and dark green vegetables. Drinks that contain high antioxidants such as  Serenity Tea , Wake Up Tea, Elegant Tea from  Vitablitz  and also Trace Mineral Drop which contain high antioxidants. Antioxidants can fight evil air pollution particles that are absorbed into our bodies.
  3. Private Breathing Space: dedicate time to meditation or yoga in a comfortable and quiet room while enjoying a cup of   Vitablitz Serenity Tea.
  4. Schedule Outdoor Activities: If possible, create a schedule for outdoor activities at times when air pollution is usually lower, such as early morning or late evening. Taking a leisurely walk or exercising in the park during these times can help you breathe cleaner air.
  5. Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water, especially water infused with Trace Mineral Drops (TMD), can help the body flush out toxins and stay healthy, even when exposed to air pollution.

To protect our health, it is important for all of us to understand the importance of reducing air pollution. Collective action, such as switching to environmentally friendly vehicles, reducing industrial emissions, and using clean energy sources, can help reduce the burden of air pollution we breathe every day. Education and awareness about the risks of air pollution is also important so that individuals can take steps to protect themselves and those around them.


In our journey towards a cleaner and healthier world, we must not forget that the air we breathe is our universal right. Reducing air pollution is not only about protecting the environment, but also about protecting our own lives and health.

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