Behind the Benefits of Elegant Tea

Perfection is something that humans want to achieve, but how can women achieve it in a natural way?

The Secret to Natural Glow with Charming Tea

Crafted with a harmonious blend of white tea, pomegranate, osmanthus, and rose buds, Charming Tea offers a rejuvenating experience that nurtures the skin, supports heart health, and enhances your natural glow, promoting a vibrant and youthful essence with every cup.

A Cup of Serenity Tea Becomes More Relaxing

Do you have difficulty sleeping? By enjoying Serenity Tea Vitablitz, the distinctive aroma of lavender and chamomile flowers, accompanied by many benefits, will make your rest time better quality & have a good impact on your health. 

Natural Detox with Elegant Tea

Vitablitz Elegant Tea has a fragrant aroma and distinctive taste. You feel the effects on your health through strong anti-oxidants, eliminating bacteria in your organs and preventing the risk of cancer and slimming your body.

Wake Up Tea to Increase Immunity

Vitablitz Wake Up Tea has a distinctive aroma and taste of spices derived from premium natural ingredients which are effective in increasing the body's immunity. Consuming Wake Up Tea can provide a warm feeling, making thoughts and feelings more active and enthusiastic.

Improve sleep quality

Sufficient quality sleep is essential when we rest as a step to maintain health.

Reduces anxiety

Always feel anxious at night? You need to manage this so that the quality of your daily life is more optimal.

Relieves nausea

Nausea is a symptom that you have an allergy or are in poor physical condition, treat it immediately.

Serenity Tea teh herbal untuk kesehatan

Relieves PMS symptoms

Pain during PMS makes women weak and unproductive. Relieve it immediately and don't let PMS hinder your condition!

Relieves headaches

You may not be able to overcome headaches just by taking medication. Through tea with organic blends, headaches can be overcome.i.

Make you more ready for activities

By getting enough rest and feeling relaxed at night, it will certainly make you more ready to do your activities.

Our Best Product


Charming Tea

Revitalize your heart and skin with powerful antioxidants from white tea, pomegranate, osmanthus, and rose buds.

Serenity Tea

Create comfort while resting and a relaxing effect on the body through the following products.

Eelegant tea teh hijau untuk diet

Elegant Tea

Achieve the ideal body shape without causing a detox effect, through the following products.

Wakeup Tea teh untuk menjaga imunitas tubuh

Wake Up Tea

Increase high immunity in your body with the content of ginger, turmeric and lemongrass.

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Drinking Serenity Tea from Vitablitz, the body is more relaxed & sleeping at night becomes more sound.

Kezia Puspita Content Creator

When I saw the post this morning, I was shocked, the contents were really complete. Thank You! Apart from smelling good, it also makes you healthy!

Jauza Atho Housewife

Mom, Hera. I like Serenity Tea, where can i buy it again? i want to order another one for my sister.

Carlos Dean Private employees

I recommend Vitablitz Serenity Tea for those of you who are looking for calm in every sip.

Lydia Employee

Vitablitz Elegant Tea tastes amazing and has provided amazing benefits for my health.

Daniela Businessman

Why You Should Vitablitz

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Vitablitz uses natural ingredients that have health effects for you. VItablitz does not use artificial flavors or preservatives in its tea blends.

Best Customer Service

Want to find out first about various products from Vitablitz? Or need immediate delivery? Our customer service will help you with your needs quickly.

Practical, can be taken traveling

With simple packaging, Vitablitz can be enjoyed by tea lovers at home, in the office and even in cafes or restaurants. You can enjoy Vitablitz anywhere!

Sourced with Care

Supports Environmental Sustainability

Vitablitz supports a better environment and processing that does not use chemicals.

100% Organic

Vitablitz supports customer health quality by providing organic ingredients and not using chemicals.

Fresh Ingredients

By maintaining fresh quality from the start of production, packaging, to delivery, Vitablitz products will always be received in good condition for customers

Sourced with Care

Mendukung Environment Sustainability

Vitablitz mendukung terjadinya lingkungan yang lebih baik dan pengolahan yang tidak menggunakan bahan kimia

100% Organic

Vitablitz mendukung kualitas kesehatan pelanggan dengan memberikan bahan organik dan tidak menggunakan bahan kimia

Fresh Ingredients

Dengan menjaga kualitas kesegaran mulai dari awal produksi, pengemasan, hingga pengiriman, produk Vitablitz akan selalu diterima dalam kondisi yang baik bagi pelanggan


We are a herbal tea manufacturer that produces various types of high quality herbal teas to improve your health and well-being. With this spirit, we continue to innovate in creating the best herbal tea products for you.

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